Discover the flexibility of partnering with us – whether you prefer a project-based approach or ongoing support, we're here to tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

Partner with us on a Project Basis

Transform your message into a compelling narrative. Our experienced team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, whether it's through impactful video campaigns, engaging social media strategies, dynamic web content or scroll stopping graphic designs. We understand the unique needs of mission-driven entities, and we're here to amplify your voice, connect with your audience and help you achieve your goals. Let us partner with you to create meaningful digital experiences that make a difference.
  • Communicating your Fundraising Project

    We can do it all from mapping your communication plan, building your social media content calendar, filming and producing your supportive video promotion, photographing your nonprofit in action, designing print material, formatting supportive webpage and more.
  • Branding and Campaigning Your Special Church Services

    Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday tend to sneak up on us. We can help spread the word by creating scroll stopping social media campaigns, design your invitations, design pre-service slides, countdown videos and service bumper videos to make your special church service stand out!
  • Customized Social Templates

    We can build you Canva or Adobe Suite templates custom to your brand. Templates include but are not limited to Social Media Templates (posts, stories and reels), Pre-Service Slides, Planning Centre Event Images, MailChimp email campaigns and more.
  • Communicating your Conference

    Hosting a conference can be daunting, we can help by branding it, designing print materials, strategically formulating marketing roadmaps and create the visual components needed for your conference.
  • Video

    Simply put, sometimes you only need one thing, we are able to help you with your video needs from capturing your video content, designing motion graphics or simply producing your already recorded content.
  • Graphic Design

    Maybe you simply need a graphic designer - our graphic artists are equipped with the knowledge and skill to support you!
  • Communications Support

    We can create and maintain your communication plan, deliver monthly social media content calendars with fully curated social media content to you, consult on upcoming special services, fundraising initiatives or on general communication practices, etc.
  • Digital Media Support

    Maybe you don’t need ongoing communication support but your organization or church needs a regular graphic designer or video editor. We partner with our clients on an ongoing project basis where we are brought into their weekly, monthly or annual rhythms and partner on bringing those rhythms to life in a beautiful, creative way. The more we work together, the better we know each other and the more cohesive and consistent the outcomes are.
  • Quarterly Support

    A great way to continue our partnership is through quarterly, bi-annual or annual refreshes. Where we are regularly refreshing your communications plan, social media templates, MailChimp campaign templates to stay current and up to date with the ever changing world of digital communications. We stay connected and continue working together to deliver you exactly what you need to succeed in the next quarter or year!